AMAXE Technologies is provider of plastics mould standard parts, accessories and mould manufacturing. The company established in 2010 with goal is to create innovative standard parts for the mould makers and mould users and bringing them new solutions with advantages in terms of time reduction in mould manufacturing, assembly, alignment and adjustment as well as minimising the production downtime and eventual losses. AMAXE Technologies has their manufacturing tie-up in Korea, Taiwan, Germany, etc.

The company product range include Ejector Pins, latch Lock, Slide Retainer, Locating Parts, Cooling Elements, Lifter, Guide Pin and Bushes, Springs Etc.

AMAXE Technologies products are strongly associated with advance design and technology and apart from the established quality of durability and reliability.

AMAXE Technologies provides global GIS, DIN, AISI and so on standards parts for Mould manufacturing. Special custom built Mould component and solution for global plastics parts.

As an organization AMAXE is driven by values and high ethical standards that are built on a platform and relationship. Be it internal or external, the value system forms the pyramid of our success. We adopt a zero tolerance policy on unfair trade practice and ensure complete transparency in our dealings with customers, business partners and vendors.


In the last 6 Years of its journey, AMAXE has inked a phenomenal growth by expanding its forte in Technology and Engineering solutions to a wide Industry base in India.

Today AMAXE is one of the fastest growing Importers & sourcing company in the Engineering arena. With a client base of more than 200 companies and a network of strategically located offices, Amaxe has made its presence felt in the Indian Engineering Industry.

We are a team of passionate professional dedicated and committed in understanding on customers and serving them with the best. Our deep understanding of the market and Technology enables us to quickly adapt to your development team to fulfill complex business objectives with Speed, Efficiency, Perfection and Productive results.