Quality Management

Over the last few years, the requirements and expectations in automotive and non-automotive industries have changed drastically. The market competition became more aggressive with respect to quality, costs and deliveries. Today Mould Manufacturers put more and more attention to the quality of all products received from their suppliers. In a competitive marketplace, where companies compete for customers, customer satisfaction is perceived as the main target and has become the key element of business strategy.

Direct support of Customer’s commitment to excellence and desire to exceed our customers’ expectations drive us towards fulfilling all customer requirements. Excellence means perfection in all we do: perfect planning, perfect execution, perfect communication and, above all, perfect parts. It is evidenced by consistent deliveries of high quality products to our customers.

We are expected to have zero irregularity and to provide defects free products as well as have flawless delivery performance and ensure immediate response to all issues. Fulfilling these expectations strengthens our relationships, increases customer satisfaction and influences the maintenance and development of our business.

The following objective are monitored continuously improved in quality management system existing in Amaxe Technologies

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Financial Satisfaction
  • Quality Satisfaction